FOOD BUZZ: When life gives Bryson Farms tomatoes, they make tomato sauce, tomato soup, tomato stew, tomato tart….

  For the past 12 years, Stuart Collins and his partner Terry Stewart have been growing certified organic heirloom vegetables near Shawville, Quebec for their ever-expanding army of home-delivery customers. They also supply… Continue reading

LUNCH PICK: Havana Café brings a taste of Cuba to Old Ottawa South—but don’t expect the heat

The Place: Havana Café (not to be confused with Savana Café on Gilmour) is a brand new lunch spot on Bank Street in the space formerly occupied by Sixth Sense catering. Fashionistas will… Continue reading

FOOD BUZZ: Top 10 food trends spotted at Gold Medal Plates

Pescuterie (salted, smoked, or cured fish) Edible Dirt (soil?) aka “the new air” Smoked anything…cotton candy, ghee Sea Vegetables Nose to Tail cooking Espresso as ingredient in main dish Aspic Octopus Lentils Whoopie Pies

LUNCH PICK: “Holy Crap it’s Lunch” debuts at the Whalesbone Oyster House

The Place: Whalesbone was recently mentioned on my list of “Where to Eat Now” because no one makes eating sustainable sea creatures more frisky fun. But until recently, the quirky pint-sized gastropub only came… Continue reading

INTRODUCING: Edgar, a one-of-a-kind foodie destination…in Hull?

For those of us who share a healthy appetite for food blogs, it’s difficult not to recognize at least a pinch of Molly (aka Orangette) and a dash of Clotilde (aka Chocolate & Zucchini) in… Continue reading

LUNCH PICK: The menu at Café My House is vegan-friendly…not that there’s anything wrong with that

The Place: Driving past the shawarma shacks and fast food joints on Bank Street near Billings Bridge, a gaudy red neon ticker tape sign grabbed my eye with unexpected words whizzing past: “vegetarian… Continue reading

LUNCH PICK: Presenting steak frites served with flair at Farb’s

The Place: The Beechwood strip in New Edinburgh is finally starting to feel like a bit of a foodie destination with a range of satisfying lunch options. For those who are tired of… Continue reading

LUNCH PICK: Homemade pasta rolled out daily at Canvas Resto-Bar-Etc.

The Place: A stone’s throw from Tunney’s Pasture and just steps off the Wellington West retail strip, Canvas is a welcoming sunny corner spot on Holland Ave. The fresh, something-for-everyone seasonal menu served… Continue reading

LUNCH PICK: After 25 years, Hino still inspires customer loyalty — and even poetry*

Place: It’s difficult to describe this one-of-a-kind Japanese hole-in-the-wall to the uninitiated. The best I can say is that it looks more like a washed-up underground club than a restaurant, but that the… Continue reading

LUNCH PICK: Discover Le Resto’s traditional British fish ‘n’ chips

The Place: Tucked into a little strip mall in Chelsea, Quebec,  Le Resto is an endearing cross between country diner and neighbourhood bistro. It is also the brainchild of Line Boyer and James… Continue reading