Gastrodiplomacy: Culinary Marketing’s New Buzzword

A meal out can be an exercise in international relations. Pass the kimchi, por favor. Published in EnRoute Magazine, NOV 05, 2014 There was a sudden surge of Korean restaurants in Ottawa’s Chinatown,… Continue reading

Why the world’s top female sommelier chose to come home to Gatineau

GATINEAU — Special to The Globe and Mail Published May. 20 2015 Véronique Rivest, the Quebec sommelier deemed to have one of the best palates on Earth, says she was one of those horrible children… Continue reading

Kitchen accident unveils new cult egg dish

SHAWNA WAGMAN Special to The Globe and Mail Published Wednesday, Apr. 16 2014 Molten eggs have become a modern-day short-hand for delicious; a nod to both wholesomeness and pure sensual pleasure. It’s no… Continue reading

Citric acid: How sour is becoming a chef’s new weapon

SHAWNA WAGMAN Special to The Globe and Mail Published Tuesday, Apr. 09 2014 As far as It ingredients go, citric acid is an unlikely one – it’s the stuff found at the bottom of… Continue reading

Three key ingredients to turn up the heat in your kitchen

SHAWNA WAGMAN Special to the Globe and Mail Published Feb. 12 2014 Thanks to celebrity chefs like Yotam Ottolenghi and David Chang, the once exotic tastes of Morocco, Korea, Japan and others have infused… Continue reading

How this University of Windsor prof became Saveur’s ultimate reader

SHAWNA WAGMAN Special to The Globe and Mail Published Mar. 12 2014 University of Windsor professor Rob Nelson has been chopping, grinding and braising his way through sauce-splattered pages of Saveur ever since his… Continue reading

What’s in a name? How cheese became a wedge issue in the free-trade era

SHAWNA WAGMAN Special to The Globe and Mail Published, Mar. 19 2014 Nothing like a little cheese controversy to nibble away at a nation’s notion of food culture. Americans are raising a stink… Continue reading

EGGVILLE: Breakfast with Ottawa’s most obsessive Omnivore

Welcome to Eggville! In this series created for City Bites, I will attempt to test out some of my unscientific theories over breakfast with icons of the city’s food scene. The question: What does… Continue reading


This summer, I signed on as Food Columnist for CBC Radio’s All in A Day. In this segment, I explain why the humble egg might be enjoying a moment in the spotlight. It’s… Continue reading

CITY BITES LIVE: Here’s the first in my new series